Easter Vigil 2015

If you don’t have the sheet music, it’s on the GOOGLE DRIVE.  Click song titles below to hear audio.

The Great Vigil of Easter 
Saturday, April 4, 2015
Rehearsal 5:30pm
Service 7:30pm
Preparation of
the Candle
Procession of
the Paschal Candle
Exsultet (E. Frese) Folders
Response to
the 1st Reading
Psalm 36 (Parry Chant) Folders
Response to
the 2nd Reading
Canticle 8 (Refrain only…verses
will be cantored)
Hymnal S208
Response to
the 3rd Reading
Psalm 42 (Kennedy Chant) Folders
Response to
the 4th Reading
Psalm 143 (Parry Chant) Folders
Response to
the 5th Reading
Psalm 98 (Kennedy Chant) Folders
Gloria Give Glory to God in the Highest (Foley) Folders
Sequence The Strife is O’er Hymnal 208
Offertory Anthem Come Proclaim the Victory (Martin) Folders
Presentation Praise God From Whom…  Medley  Folders
Sanctus (St. Anne’s Mass) Folders
Christ Has Died (St. Anne’s Mass) Folders
Great Amen (St. Anne’s Mass) Folders
Taste & See (Refrain Only) Folders
Communion Hymn He is Risen Hymnal 180
Recessional Hymn Jesus Christ is Risen Today Hymnal 207

Good Friday 2015

If you don’t have the sheet music, it’s on the GOOGLE DRIVE.  Click song titles below to hear audio.

Good Friday
Friday, April 3, 2015
Rehearsal 7:00pm
Service 7:30pm
Solemn Entrance
Psalm Psalm 22: My God, My God (McAllister) Folders
Sequence There is a Green Hill Far Away Hymnal 167
Hymn After
O Sacred Head, Sore Wounded Hymnal 168
Procession of
the Cross
Behold, Behold, The Wood of the Cross  Bulletin
Adoramus Te, Christe Folders
Sing My Tongue, The Glorious Battle Hymnal 166
Ah, Holy Jesus Hymnal 158
Solemn Exit

Maundy Thursday 2015

If you don’t have the sheet music, it’s on the GOOGLE DRIVE.  Click song titles below to hear audio.

Maundy Thursday
Thursday, April 2, 2015
Rehearsal 6:15pm
Service 7:30pm
Processional My Song is Love Unknown Hymnal 458
Kyrie (S. Waligur) Folders
Gradual Psalm 116: The Name of God (D. Haas) Folders
Sequence Jesu, Jesu Hymnal 602
Foot Washing
Song of the Lord’s Command (D. Haas) Folders
Offertory Instrumental
Presentation Go To Dark Gethsemane Hymnal 171
Sanctus (Celtic Mass) Folders
Lamb of God (Celtic Mass) Folders
In Memory of Jesus Folders
Final Hymn Now My Tongue the Mystery Telling Hymnal 329

Celtic Eucharist Music Options

Greetings everyone!

I have created a hidden page on the Grace website for a choir blog so that I could add sound files. Unfortunately, our free version of WordPress doesn’t allow for this. Anyway, the page is here:


I have uploaded several sound files of mass music Stefan Waligur has written (Kyries, Sanctus, Agnus Dei, etc.) for consideration on which ones we would like to do. Please let me know and I’ll see if Stefan can send the music scores for you to review while I’m away next week.

Music for Epiphany III (1/25/15)

Music for the anthem and psalm, as well as a printable version of this list are on the Google Drive.

Processional Hymn       Lord, You Give the Great Commission                   folders     YouTube Link

                         Gloria       Glory to God (Mathias) Hymnal S278

                         Psalm 62  Simplified Anglican Chant (Robert Knox Kennedy)   folders

Sequence Hymn            They Cast Their Nets in Galilee                       Hymnal 661    YouTube Link

Offertory Anthem         Lord, You Have Come to the Seashore                   folders     YouTube Link

Presentation Hymn      Sing Praise to God Who Reigns Above        Hymnal 408      YouTube Link

Sanctus               Missa Bambino
                 Great Amen         Missa Bambino
                 Fraction Anthem Missa Bambino

Communion Hymn        Thy Strong Word Did Cleave the Darkness Hymnal 381    YouTube Link


Recessional Hymn          Spread, O Spread, Thou Mighty Word        Hymnal 530    YouTube Link

Advent Lessons & Carols (List & Links)

INTROIT       Rejoice! Rejoice Always!                                                                     Folders

PROCESSIONAL  Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus      YouTube Link       Hymnal 66

      First Lesson         Genesis 3:1-15

CHOIR CAROL          Night of Silence                                 YouTube Link             Folders

      Second Lesson    Isaiah 40:1-11

CHOIR CAROL          A Voice Cries Out                               YouTube Link             Folders

      Third Lesson        Jeremiah 31:31-34

HYMN                   The King Shall Come When Morning   YouTube Link            Folders

      Fourth Lesson     Isaiah 64:1-9a

CHOIR CAROL        Our God Shall Come                                   Audio Link           Folders

      Fifth Lesson        Baruch 4:36— 5:9

HYMN                      People Look East!                                    YouTube Link          Folders
                                      Ladies of the choir sing the first verse, all join on verses 2-5.

      Sixth Lesson      Isaiah 7:10-15

HYMN                     O Come, O Come, Emmanuel               YouTube Link            Folders

      Seventh Lesson    Micah 5:2-4

CHOIR CAROL      Welcome The Star (Scottish Carol)         Audio Link               Folders

      Eighth Lesson      Zephaniah 3:14-18

HYMN                    Lift Up Your Heads, Ye Mighty Gates!     YouTube Link   Hymnal 436

      Ninth Lesson       Luke 1:26-56

CANTICLE             Magnificat                                                     Audio Link                 Folders


Welcome and Announcements

Offertory                          Blest Be The King Whose Coming                             Hymnal 74


Invitation to Communion

Communion        Comfort, Comfort Ye My People            YouTube Link       Hymnal 67

Post-communion prayer

Advent Blessing

Recessional         Lo, He Comes With Clouds Descending     YouTube Link  Hymnal 57



Music for Sunday 9/21/2014

If you don’t have the sheet music, it’s on the GOOGLE DRIVE.


Processional Hymn          Give Praise & Glory Unto God                Hymnal 375

Gloria                                      Glory to God (Robert Powell)             Hymnal S280
                                                          ✷Old and Improved!✷

Psalm                                       Alt Proper 20 Year A (nun danket tune)         folders
                                                               Keep it Peppy!

Sequence Hymn                 Shepherd of Souls, Refresh & Bless      Hymnal 343

Offertory Anthem               Rain Down (Jaime Cortez)                              folders
                                                         With SOUL!  DJ on vs 1&2, Wyndy on 3

Presentation Hymn           Come, Labor On                                        Hymnal 541
                                                      Don’t drag it!

Sanctus                       St. Anne’s Mass

Memorial Accl           St. Anne’s Mass

Great Amen               St. Anne’s Mass

Fraction Anthem    Holy Cross Mass

Communion Hymn           Gift of Finest Wheat                                             folders
                                                        8th note = 1 beat.  Quarter = 2.  Dotted Quarter=3.  Half=4

Recessional Hymn             Praise My Soul The King of Heaven     Hymnal 410


2014-2015 Rehearsal Preferences

It’s Time to think about REHEARSALS again!  So, as per usual, we’ll go by popular availability.  Please let me know, using the poll below, what days you’ll be available this season.  There is also an option for “Sunday Earlier.”  Check this if you would be interested in rehearsing after the new 8am mass (probably around 8:45) instead of 9:30.  This would give us a little extra time, time to rest after, but also prevent us from participating in the forums.

Also keep in mind that Wednesday is a tricky day, as there are lots of things going on in the building, and at least once a month we’d have to change the rehearsal time and/or day due to vestry.

Music for March 2 Evensong & Organ Dedication

Opening Hymn Praise To The Lord, The Almighty  Hymnal 390 Audio Link
 Preces  “O God Make Speed…”  Hymnal S-58
Phos Hilaron O Gracious Light Hymnal S-60 This is the same one we did last year for evensong…can’t find an audio link.
Psalm Appointed Psalm 115 Simplified Anglican Chant
1st Lesson
Magnificat Service No. 3 in B Flat J. Stainer Audio Link (both Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)
2nd Lesson
Nunc Dimittis  Service No. 3 in B Flat J. Stainer Audio Link (both Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis)
3rd Lesson
Apostle’s Creed Chanted Single Tone
The Lord’s Prayer Chanted Single Tone Choir will harmonize
Suffrages Chanted Hymnal S-64
Collects Spoken
Office Hymn Praise My Soul the King of Heaven Hymnal 410 Audio Link With Descant!
Choir Anthem Transfiguration M. Schweizer Audio Link 
Presentation Hymn All People That on Earth Do Dwell Hymnal 377  Fauxbourdon on Final Verse!
General Thanksgiving Spoken
Blessing Spoken
Dismissal “Let Us Bless the Lord…” Hymnal S-65  
Closing Hymn When In Our Music God is Glorified Hymnal 420 Audio Link
Recessional Tocatta (Symphony for Organ No. 5) C.M. Widor Mark Steiner

Music for 2/2/14 (Candlemas)

Click the titles for YouTube links!

Processional Song of Simeon Folders Click for Sheet Music
Opening Hymn Lift Up Your Head, Ye Mighty Gates! Hymnal 436 No Parts on Last Verse!
Mathias Gloria Hymnal S-278
Psalm Psalm 84 (St. Martin Psalter) Click Here w/Antiphon and alt verses 3,7,11
Sequence Hail to the Lord Who Comes Hymnal 259
Anthem This is Thy Temple Folders  Click for Sheet Music
Offertory Sing We of the Blessed Mother Folders
Communion Christ, Mighty Savior Hymnal 35
Recessional How Bright Appears the Morning Star Hymnal 497 No Parts on Last Verse!

Remember, Rehearsal is FRIDAY EVENING AT 7PM, in the chancel.