Music for All Saints Sunday

Here’s the lineup for All Saints Sunday.  See you tonight!

Prelude:                      “March of the Saints” – Improvisation by Dave

Processional:              287   For All The Saints

            Gloria:             S204  Canticle 6, Glory be to God

            Sequence:       232   By All Your Saints Still Striving  (with All Saints 2nd Verse)

Offertory:                   358   Christ The Victorious

            Sanctus:          S129  (Powell)

            Eucharistic Prayer D  (BCP p372)

            Doxology:        Mass of Creation “Great Amen”

            Fraction:         S164 (Deutche Messe)

Communion:              (folders) All Who Hunger Gather Gladly

Recessional:                535   Ye Servants of God

Postlude:                    “March of the Saints (Reprise)” – Improvisation by Dave


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